Apex Performance Lab

Your one-stop solution to health and performance testing.

Physical performance

Discover a wealth of information about your current fitness. Our comprehensive test determines your FATmax, VO2max., and lactate threshold. These tests identify your personal limiters to performance and help you train smarter.


Discover your individual calorie requirements and learn how your body uses carbohydrates and fats. Whether for weight loss, gain or to improve performance, our metabolic test helps pinpoint the number of calories you need daily to achieve your goals.

blood profiling

Our blood-profile tests help you take control of your health. Learn more about your body and pinpoint any deficiencies you may have. This information can can be then used to optimise your health and performance nutrition programme.


The amount of fluid and salt we lose during exercise is highly individual. If these fluids and nutrients aren't replaced, performance can suffer. Our Advanced Hydration test identifies how much fluid and salt you lose during exercise, allowing you to create a bespoke hydration programme.

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