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Whether you want to look, feel or perform better, our bespoke nutrition service will optimise your programme to help you achieve your goals.

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Discover your true potential with our human performance testing centre, the Apex Performance Lab. Offering fitness, metabolism and hydration testing using research-level technology.



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Helping you look, feel and perform at your best. Individual coaching services help you achieve your goals, whether that be to lose weight or simply give your health and wellness a makeover.

Perhaps you feel nutrition is holding you back, or something isn’t quite right. Whether you’re training for a specific event, or a season-long competitive athlete, pur sports nutrition programmes help you discover your true potential and take your performance to the next level.

Learn more about your body with our comprehensive wellness and performance tests. We offer blood profile checks, and a range of performance assessments including VO2 max, training zones, aerobic threshold and resting metabolic rate.


Stephen has over 5 years’ experience in working with high-performance athletes, individuals and businesses. Graduating from Liverpool John Moores University in 2015 with a MSc in Sports Nutrition, he then went on to complete a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. In that time he has supported individual athletes to world titles, expedition teams rowing across the Atlantic, members of the elite armed forces and provided wellness solutions to premier businesses with the North West of England. 

Qualifications and Accreditations:

MSc Sports Nutrition from Liverpool John Moores University

Graduate on the Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr)

Stephen Smith (MSc). SENr. Dip. IOPN

Performance Nutritionist and Owner of Premier Wellness

Our core values.

a truly bespoke solution

Each plan is built around your goals, physiology and lifestyle. A personalised coaching programme is created to help you reach optimal performance and achieve your ambitions.

evidence supported programmes

We are constantly bombarded by shortcuts and diet myths, fad-diets and magic pills. Our plans are built around evidence and the latest research, implemented through sustainable performance habits.

putting you at the centre

We treat you as an individual, providing you with a world-class service designed around your lifestyle and ambitions.

world-class track record



“Steve has been a great asset to my nutrition, training and race program for the last few years. It’s been great to have a consistent plan to help me achieve my best performance from training to racing. It’s taken the guess work out of preparation and given me more time to focus on my training”



‘I worked with Stephen in the lead up to the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge with my team mates from Fortitude IV. He came from a highly reputable referral and did not disappoint. He helped me develop a comprehensive team plan for nutrition, performance snacking, supplements, vitamins and pre-race meal planning – these all stood the test of a 3,000 mile row across the Atlantic Ocean. He also hosted the team at Liverpool John Moore’s University to conduct testing of Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), body composition and VO2 Max on the ergo – these aided us in our team building, S&C planning as well as bulking efficiently in the lead up to the race. Overall he was a pleasure to work with and certainly contributed to our victory by 168 miles lead.’